The MEGA Blog

Ok, so you know it's been a while... of not blogging, or perhaps I should say making instead (more productive). My hands and days have been filled with tiny bits of jewellery.... lots of wholesale orders for Christmas, and the all round incredible and huge and awesome Finder's Keepers Market (Kanimbla Clay and I rocked it!). So my blog time has been hijacked with making, making, selling, and making again....(not so bad eh?). But here it is, the mega blog, or perhaps just a chance to show you all the gorgeous goodies I found at the Finder's Keepers.... so let's begin:

Yipppeeee!!! My verry own Kanimbla Clay heshen tea light! The lights were selling like hotcakes at the market and at the very end of it all.... there was still one left for me! Yipppeeee... My house is becoming a gallery space for tea lights and candle holders. I will not become an old lady who mindlessly collects things, but I will have good taste and I will light candles and sip wine, so I'm sure there is a difference right? This little gorgeous lamp will show me the way.... Thanks Helen!! XOXOX


Horray for the Golden Ink Colaboritive... I was just waiting to see the girls and their gorgeous creations... I abandoned my stall and left it under the management of Mr Peterson while I went shopping!! and the thing that caught my eye was this little ring... and what do you know??? it fits like a glove: DESTINY. So a big thanks to the Golden ink or all their hard work... hand painted gorgeousness... oh for the love of clay! well done chaps. Find them At:


Finally! I get my own pair! I've seen brooke's earrings on all my friends, and now, finally I get my own! I LOVE them! Just minutes before the Finder's Keepers came to a close, I snuck out again (thanks Mr Peterson) and found these lovely earrings.... I was like a kid in a candy store! I went mental! I bought 5 pairs... ok ok, not all for me.... some of them will be passed on to Santa to distribute to a special few (hopefully not reading this blog) for Xmas. Yes, hard to part with them, but still, I know I can always get more, should my hundreds of other paris of earrings not be enough.... what did I say about being an old lady who collects things?? Yikes. Find Brooke at:


Our lovely Neighbour at the Finder's keepers was the darling Maree from Little Branch. Her divine cards, prints, gift tags and wrappings helped me out of Xmas Daggness this year... yes, thank you Maree for helping me evolve into the Xmas of 2010 with these sweet savvy gift tags.... and thank you for being such an awesome FK neighbour. How organised am I with these little Xmas pressies??? just waiting to be given!! Find Maree and Little Branch at:

Thanks to all for a Gorgeous Finder's Keepers and to all my Stockists who have been so gorgeous to deal with! Plenty more plans for 2011..... but for now it's a secret!! Shhhhhh.... 

The Crazy Season....

Ok, It's been a few weeks.... a few crazy weeks, including days like yesterday where I decided to take my studio home and work till the wee hours.... yes, the gypsy in me has taken over my work too....

So here are the super cute Salt and Pepper bowls just waiting to be a part of someone's fancy dinner party! And while I was in the studio, I got a sneak peek at what My true Love has made with my porcelain scraps.... 
How Gorgeous!

It's going to be a Merry Xmas, I'm sure!

Lots of exciting stockist coming up for the festive season too! 
Mrs Peterson Pottery is proud to be stocked in The Collective:

And also the lovely Made By Others:

And our local friends Zuri:

And that's just the start!!

Keep your Christmas eyes peeled kids! The Kiln is hot and the magarita's are on!

La La Leura Fair

Thanks to everyone who came to visit Mrs Peterson at this year's Leura Village Fair. It was a great weekend despite the dreary weather... all I wanted to do was stay in and watch a DVD, so I am proud of anyone who came out to enjoy the day!

What lovely people you all are! And thanks to all for the custom orders and suggestions of things you'd love to see!! I am super inspired to get into the studio this week and get to work, I love my job. SO watch this space for more beautiful goodies from Wonder Woman the kiln.... Yummy.

If you missed Mrs P at the Leura Fair, you can find my goodies at the PYD Design Markets in Sydney in November:

They're Here...

Ta darr!! The hearts gang are here and available for a limited time at SOHI!
Get Yours at:

Get them now while they're hot and ready.... or I may just have to make more....

Geeeezzz I love the Spring time. All I need now is an outdoor bath in a green house and a good book... or perhaps the latest Mag. huhhhh

Love Is In The Air...

Well, it's nearly here! These little wonders I've been working on exclusively for SOHI Magazine... 
 Colours and Hearts for their Spring Edition. I just LOVE them. Here's a sneak peek:

Brooches in Red, Green, Purple and Pink... Tis the season of LOVE. I feel it, oh yeah.

Again With The Repetition...

Production mode... that's what I'm in. Last week I saw lots and lots of tiny little bits pass through my hands from sanding to glazing and setting... 

I had lots of little Let Go Porcelain rings to make and during the process of constant repetition realised the little message here is to LET GO... right in front of me... it's hard not to remember these things when they're staring at you in the face. I'm so glad my jewellery doesn't say "eat  pie" I'd be stuffing my face subconsciously...

Oh, and PS.. for those of you attending the Summer Festivals like Peats Ridge.... Jimmi says Hi...

Just Like School..

Do you remember those achievement awards from primary school?? The ones for good spelling or a graduation to your pen license? Well Mrs peterson Pottery got one this week!!

How Cool!! I donated some gifts to the Blackheath Public School Trivia night and they raised $5000.00. And as a thank you, I received my very own certificate of appreciation. 

It really is the little things that make me happy. I am such a kid. 


My sister in law is just awesome. From the inside out, a true beauty. She lives in America so I don't get to see her and it feels like we are very overdue for a long cup of coffee... 
I sent her a BE KIND Porcelain necklace for her birthday, and as she wears it often, it gets lots of comments... she wears it well.

Her good friend Adrian is a wonderful photographer. This summer he did a photo shoot with Jess... alas she was wearing the pendant and it too got lots of feedback... 

Check out the photos and the site at:

The Girl or The Coat???

Not quite sure if i love this coat because of the coat... or because the girl looks so darn pretty?
Either way, it's inspired me to invest some time into sewing this season..... 
Perhaps I could sew myself a pair of her lips while I'm at it. Super gorgeous!

Check out the designer and her fab range of clothes:

For The Love of Repetition.....

Complete obsession, that's where it comes from, that what it is, that's where it's heading. Yes, I actually feel agitated if I spend too much time away from the studio... addiction, yes?

I'm starting to think there is a slight case of OCD that runs through me. Or at least something that makes me want to cut out hundreds of TINY little pieces of clay, and stamp them and sand them and paint them and stack them neatly into the kiln like a jigsaw puzzle and dip them in glaze and stack them again and unstack them and sort them into pairs and match them up...... over and over again... hundreds of little bits.... till my fingers are numb! My hands have a thirst to be immersed in this process. 

There is something about repetition that really turns me on. Something about the process of printmaking and stamping, and stationary in neat little stacks. How can it be that this ritual of repeating the same process over and over can be so exciting? 

Whatever it may be, halfway through the process I am always about ready to give up, until something makes me keep going... just to see it through to the end perhaps??

... who would have thought that a teeny pair of earrings would go through such a journey.