For The Love of Repetition.....

Complete obsession, that's where it comes from, that what it is, that's where it's heading. Yes, I actually feel agitated if I spend too much time away from the studio... addiction, yes?

I'm starting to think there is a slight case of OCD that runs through me. Or at least something that makes me want to cut out hundreds of TINY little pieces of clay, and stamp them and sand them and paint them and stack them neatly into the kiln like a jigsaw puzzle and dip them in glaze and stack them again and unstack them and sort them into pairs and match them up...... over and over again... hundreds of little bits.... till my fingers are numb! My hands have a thirst to be immersed in this process. 

There is something about repetition that really turns me on. Something about the process of printmaking and stamping, and stationary in neat little stacks. How can it be that this ritual of repeating the same process over and over can be so exciting? 

Whatever it may be, halfway through the process I am always about ready to give up, until something makes me keep going... just to see it through to the end perhaps??

... who would have thought that a teeny pair of earrings would go through such a journey.

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