Find Me Keep Me SALE


All things are gearing up for the big Finder's Keeper's market sale in Sydney Friday 2 and Sat 3 December!

Come and say Hi. I'll be joined by the talented Helen from Kanimbla Clay with her delicious porcelain tea lights and goodies.

Yes, there is a bar, yes there is a band, yes there is food, yes... it gets CROWDED! So come early and grab a bargain!

See you there 


A Ball Of Yarn

Busy in prep for the markets, I've been deeply involved in what I've been doing. And what perfect weather too, all the blue skies and fluffy white clouds have gone and the entire week has been one big drizzle fest. Staying inside is the way to go. A daily trip to the post office and perhaps a quick drop by the bakery and then it's back to my warm cosy house and my creative zone. 

Yesterday I ran out of string. You know, that brown twine jute stuff that use to lye around in your cupboard and yet you don't seem to ever remember buying it. I'm sure every grandparent has an abandoned ball of yarn just waiting to be used. I use it to tie my brown paper packages, boxes and card sets. And seeing as it was the perfect rainy day... well, I went to tow with the string tying and ran out! No biggie, I'll do my post office run early and grab some while I'm there. 

But alas, while standing in line and after searching the whole store twice over I'm thinking of a plan B. Surely the supermarket has twine! 

So off we go... isle after isle I search the store, heading to the most obvious sections first GARDEN, HOME, STATIONARY.... no string. Don't you hate it when you're in a supermarket looking for something and they like to spread out all the sections???? I swear they should put everything in alphabetical order. Easy.

I went to 3 other shops to do the same thing... the Art Store, The Garden Centre, The ONLY department store in town (if the letter K is in the department category). Each shop I left empty handed, the more pissed off I became. I'm not asking for a miracle here. Not wanting the impossible to happen, not in search of a golden grail, or mystical talisman... just a f*#!@ing ball of string! In my mind it's the most simple thing one can ask for. 

As I walked through the rain I thought about all the time I was wasting, investment VS return... this is taking way too long. I thought about how cold I was, how wet my clothes were and how if I were in a better place this string would not be so hard to find. I blamed the town for being slack with their string supply. Who's responsible for making sure our town has an adequate supply of twine??!!

I thought about how much of an ass this trip up to the shops had been. How 'today was just not my day' and how things that seem simple and strait forward suddenly become hard and take a million times longer than they should. I thought about how if it were a perfect world, we would snap our fingers and string would appear in the palms of our hands. I thought about how UNLUCKY I was today and then sat with the word unlucky circling my mind for a few minutes. How can someone like me EVER say they are unlucky? ever? A "difficult" trip up to the shops??... Difficult is navigating your way through a jungle with limited supplies. Unlucky is a state of mind. 

I thought about how lucky I was, and how grateful that I am to have EVERYTHING that I need and more. I have found the love of my life, we love our house (even if it's only rented), we have a BEAUTIFUL husky friend as our loyal companion. I have a home full of food, a car that runs, a cupboard full of wine, a house full of porcelain tea-lights and a boot collection out the wazoooo and I dare to think I'm unlucky!!

I finally found that string... I bought as much as I could carry. I came home still annoyed at how epic that journey was. But came home with a fresh perspective. We've got it good. And a ball of twine can't change that.

Blue Skies, Fluffy White Clouds

We have cloud success. 

Everyday up here in the mountains, the clouds have been AMAZING. So while I was making a batch of crackle glazed antique goddess pendants, these clouds just decided to jump in the kiln. And I'm happy they did... now we have clouds to keep!

Cloud 9

I love Sky. There, I said it. Now I feel like that guy who loves Lamp. But it's so true. I love sky, I really really love it. Lately I've been taking pictures of clouds like a crazy woman on the street. People looking at me as if to say "what are you even taking pictures of?" And to them I say: "this is what I've been taking pictures of:"

Up here in the Mountains, the clouds are so close you can almost reach out and touch them. I want to play in them, cuddle them, sleep in them... take a nap in one and just feel weightless. I love sky. I love cloud.

 And so, after my daily trip up to the post office was full of cloud photography, I came home to my studio and threw reckless abandonment to my work schedule to make cloud pendants.....

 These antique frames have been in my studio just waiting for something frame worthy. I can't wait to see what they'll turn out like!!!

So wherever you are, take a look up and see what mother nature has cooking for you in the sky. Catch them quick, they're there one minuite, gone the next. XOXO

My Life in Instagram....

I'm not one for fads. Not usually inspired to jump on the bandwagon, just because everyone else is doing it. But to this I make an exception.... My life in Istagram. It's like Facebook, but just a huge photo melting pot. For the first time, I'm seeing the WHOLE WORLD the way I want to see it, People uploading awesome little pics from their daily lives, and it's just BEAUTIFUL. 

Here are some I've been taking in my backyard, or around the house. It's just a start, but I'm going to fill a book of photos by the end of the year to remind me how beautiful everything is. 

 New cups... I can't wait till they're ready to drink from!

 Paco, the Mexican official

 Our beloved husky, chilling in the grass

 There was popcorn in this a few mins before I took the photo.

 Margharita salt that my Mother in Law (and good friend) sent me from the USA. She knows.

 This tree is just outside our lounge room window.

 The prettiest concrete I have ever seen!

 My man and his dog are at the end of the path... it's our daily walk to the cliffs!

The hair that I encourage him to cut, looks so pretty here. I do love it.

From feeling at times like I am not seeing the beauty in the little things, to admiring the beauty in everything... I LOVE it! I can pop in and see what someone in Japan ate for breakfast... or the sky in NYC... a puddle, a flower a kitten.. someone's tap in a purple bathroom... Whatever it is. I love it. If you are on Instagram, send me your profile! I'd love to check out what makes up your life. If you want to follow my instagram, I'm @mrspetersonpottery Welcome to the world of photo madness.

A little Howl for you...

Among other things, I've had my hands full in these past few weeks and not a second to spare... is that the lamest way of saying "sorry for not touching base sooner!"

Either way, Here's the update: all things are good, golden, flat out and busy. New stock for Xmas is already in production and my little hands and heart have been busy making and taking regular trips to the Australian Quarantine Station to give our 4 legged friend lots of pats and treats.... yes, the wolf pack are almost united!  

The Worst part about these visits is walking away, he howls! And though it is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard, it's also sad. Bring on his release date... September 4th.

I want to spring clean everything early this year. Shushe the house, light the candles, say a little chant. Out with the old and in with the new... in all things, pottery, life, emotions and thoughts. I've been reading my friend's book about Feng shui. He's a master of interior design and the most incredibly intuitive designer of the home. Though I haven't seen him in years, he is a gifted practitioner and his book is doing amazing things... Thanks Jamie!!

So keep your eyes out for A Mrs Peterson Pottery SALE very soon... Spring cleaning the office usually means you get to grab a bargain!!


Walking down Broadway, soaking up the sunshine... and all I had in my head was the alphabet song. Was it because we saw Avenue Q and I was all Sesame Street like singing in my mind? or was it just because the alphabet is cool?? A-Z all the way baby.... It inspired me to make alphabet earrings... beautiful font like alphabet earrings in southern Ice Porcelain. Yummy. They're cooling down as we speak... then I'll glaze them and then I'll wear them... and put them up in the shop too.... Abcdefg....

Hidden Treasure

USA Travels.... 

Our dear friend Dick lent us his truck which we have been driving all over Pennsylvania.... Thanks Dick! But somewhere along the way as always when borrowing other people's things... we got a flat tyre. So as the Hot Hot Hot weather would have us hanging around waiting for a tyre fix, this auto shop was also an antique store.... Just FULL of goodies to look at. Bless you bless you, you gorgeous big Ford for sending us to a cool pit stop. 

Old Boxes and over sized Ice creams.... Now that's My kind of store. 
US Presidents and Big Wooden Indians... bring it on.

Bottles and antique typewriters... I feel so at home in this place.

This ancient cash register I wish it could fit in my suitcase...

And Finally, Old photographs, the real kind. I love it all.

NEw York New York!!

What is is about a crazy chaotic street with hustle and bustle.. people yelling and yellow cabs honking that makes the deepest parts of me feel complete peace?? 

I love this city. I love it with all my heart and I don't quite know why. Is is because I watched too much American TV as a kid... too many bad Christmas movies that crept into my brain so every time I'm in New York I feel like I'm in a movie. It's all a bit surreal, and exciting and I love it. I barely touched the surface of what I wanted to see and do, but we're on a tight trip... lots to do... people to see yada yada yada.

All I can Say is, Avenue Q is FUNNY and $4 margaritas are good. Life in the summertime in NY is something I could get use to. PS... The lovely Eco Sax bag from Vanessa at ZURI gets points for the most comments!! It's a winner. I've been carrying around travel bags with a microcosm of my life inside, I feel like a bag lady, but with this bag I'm the sassiest Bag lady in town XOXOXO


It's true. While I'm here, the whole entire time I'm here, I've given myself the authority to eat anything my heart desires... weather that be a full Mexican feast, cheeseburger with extra pickle, endless coffee refills or full diner style breakfasts like blueberry waffles with all the trimmings.... GO FOR IT!! 

And must I say, that these Americans really know how to eat. Wowza. Stopping at Wendy's for "Natural cut potato fries with sea salt" (whatever that means.... they taste good) while Mr Peterson Says "Oh No, Honey not again.... we were just there!" Yes we were... and I love it!! YUMMY

In the past few years since we were here, Market Street Grill has had much mention in our House, especially their cream cheese filled french toast with strawberries... so we had to do it. And in the even that I wake up in Australia one day and think it was all a dream.... I have the pictures to prove it. These All American meals are frozen forever in time. The magic of photo's. Yummy.

Sweet Treats For My Sweet Heart...

Yes, we are here! Alive and well in beautiful Pennsylvania USA. And the big thing, besides getting all inspired for more clay work, having a great break and many cuddles with family and friends.... we are reunited with our beautiful Siberian Husky Vaidim

We are bringing him home to Australia in a few weeks, fingers crossed all goes well with paperwork and air travel. Finally Mr Peterson is united with his fave buddy... the wolf pack is back!!

This week we are off to New York... city lights and advenure.... bring it on.

Remember This...

Today I woke up feeling awesome. Was it because the sun was bright and the air was crisp (the perfect mountain day?). Or that the last kiln load of porcelain goodies turned out a treat?? Well, yeah, but on a deeper level, I remembered something wonderful. 

Like most people who feel it is important to be an honest, decent, loving person in this world, I spend a bit of time on self reflection... just to make sure I'm being true to myself, considerate to others... that I have my priorities in check.. the regular stuff. How can I better serve the people I care about? How can I be full of love from a deeper place with out relying so much on the external? And thus, the realisation today! hooray! Why do we sometimes care too much about the people who don't matter to us and what they think of us? Why do we worry about people who don't make us feel good about ourselves? Is it because we want everyone to see us for the best of who we are all the time? How exhausting! 

I just remembered that a little self reflection is healthy, but too much is a bad thing. Focusing on the people you love and who make you feel safe and wonderful is the best way to be happy. Who really cares if the lady at the bank thought you were taking too long in the line? Who cares if the truck behind you thinks you're driving too slow? Does that condescending office manager in the suit really need to see who you are? Or that girl you met at a party who likes to cut you down to size.. does she really need to be your friend?? How about NO. Remember that. There is something to be said for just being yourself always, and the surrender that comes with that. I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life from all over the world. Friends, family, customers and fleeting moments with strangers who just seem to get it.

let's focus on things and people that make us happy! Today I came across these gorgeous pics from Miranda Earle

I met Miranda and her wonderful family at the beginning of the year. She is from Newcastle and prints the most Wonderful fabric. Things are really moving along nicely for Miranda, and it makes me happy to see other designers/creators and beautiful people doing so well in the world. Nice one chickie!! XOXO

Find Me Keep Me

I love a buzzing Market place! And thanks to the Lovely girls at this Years Winer/Autumn Finder's Keepers in Sydney, Kanimbla Clay and Mrs Peterson rocked it, merging stalls and creating a gorgeous display in the true collaboration style!

My Nanna McLean was due to make an apperance along with my Dad and his partner but they ran out of time and I am actually quite glad the way things worked out.... were you there?? Did you see the mosh pit of people? Did you have to have a little sitdown and take some deep breaths just top get through the ultimate shopping experience?? Or did you head to the bar and watch the bands for a moment of rest? I actually thought if my Nan made it... it would be so hard for her to hear or see anything.. let alone move! it would be like taking her to a rock concert! So although I am disapointed to have missed her that weekend, I am glad for her sake she didn't have to fight her way trhough the crowds! Wowza.

Luckily, My Dad left me a few bottles of wine from their vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. My favourite: a light and dry Rose. When ever I drink my dad's wine It reminds me of being a kid... there is something about the smell of his blends that take me right back to running around with my brother (no, we didn't get drunk as kids!) I just remember that awesome smell of fine wine!! What better way to relax after a HUGE week, than to sit down with a glass of vino  (and a cuddle with my man and an episode of DEXTER... or 3)

Found you little foxie...

This is a game like Cinderella's magic slipper..... only it's the fox bangle game. I have ONE left! One Fox bangle and it's coming with me to Finder's Keepers on Friday and Saturday in Sydney! So to the lucky one who's hand fits inside this lovely winter warmer.... Congrats to you and your furry bangle friend. 

Hand painted goodness on perfect porcelain. And this is the only one for sale (till I get off my ass and make some more...).

Can't wait to check out the markets this winter. I love a winter's night event... do you think they will have mulled wine? How perfect would that be? Lots of new treats at this years Market, and if you're on the other side of Sydney, check out the VIEW exhibits at St Ignatius College this weekend. Mrs P will be trading there and lots of GORGEOUS art works (psss... I saw Brett Whitely and David Bromley there) So if you porcelain addiction is not satisfied this weekend there is no excuse!

See you there! :)

Here Little Foxie....

Wowza... the sun is out and shining like crazy... since the last week or so it's ON and I LOVE it! We even had snowflakes last night!!!! It's been freezing! Like the middle of winter, but I like it.... oh no,, here I am talking about the weather again. My life is really interesting is it not? But I love it here in the mountains when the days are sunny and the frost is frosty. Last night we had all the candles on at home and the fairy lights on in the kitchen. It was warm and toasty and I made a kick ass sticky date pudding with caramel butterscotch sauce  with strawberries and ice cream too..... HEAVEN.

My favourite thing to do when I finally put down my work day....usually late, is eat a yummy dinner and watch something to get my mind off EVERYTHING. My man and I can't get TV channels so we usually just watch movies, re-runs of SPACED, Northern Exposure... we just got into DEXTER... slow I know, but we are addicted.. and for a serial killer, they guy sure does have charm. But any hoo... the  most interesting thing we watched lately was GRIZZLY MAN, the film about Timothy Tredwell who spent 13 Summers in Alaska living in the wild with a bunch of bears. This guy was a little mad, as a fiend of ours put it "He is a combination of Carson from Queer Eye and Steeve Irwin." Yes. Put that guy out in the wild to pretend to be a bear and that's what you've got. Sadly, the poor dude gets eaten by a bear... as does his quiet girlfriend... but in my head A+B=C..... what do you expect?

There is one scene in the film that I LOVED where Timothy is running through the long grass with a gorgeous fox. My pure rage at how irritating this guy is just vanished, as I only wish I could hang out with a bunch of smelly wild foxes and make friends... as I am big into foxes. This is not the scene, but here's a snippet from the film:

Carson? is that you? Get a chance to watch the film and you won't be disappointed! I was inspired to finally get my ass into gear and make a fox ring and bangle from porcelain... I'll show you soon.  It's the closest I'm going to get to having a real cuddle with a fox... that and in my dreams.

Here's to evening movies in the warm candle lit cozy lounge while it's -0.4C outside! Yes indeed.

Here comes the sun..... Or is that just wishful thinking?

Yes, I'm a miserable old lady, all I talk about is the weather. It's been raining up here for over a week and although I know that the weather shouldn't stop you from being happy... true happiness is on the inside yada yada yada... But holy wetness... the whole house is damp and when I look outside the window it's damp and the clay is damp, and it's all a little too soggy for my likeing... so yes... I am a grumpy old lady who talks about the weather!

Our living room is like a cave of washing... trying to dry in mist! even the heater is wet! condensation city, that's the new name of the house, And despite my efforts to spruce the house and light candles and crank new tunes of goodness....... the house is still wet, and outside is still wet and MY BRAIN is still wet!! So amoungst the hanging washing and socks hanging from every possible hook.... I thought it was time to take a break from the winge and do something good.... I've left the clay to sit and do it's thing while it's damp and not going anywhere fast, and NOW... it's giveaway time! The good giveaway.... a good amazing ray of sunshine in someone's world.... So here it is:

A gorgeous pair of RED cherry blossom earrings, and a slightly wonky (but ever so lovely) Red floral pendant! A winter warmer set for one lucky winner.... Just what the weather needs... a little more fire!

These are pictures of the same style, but the actual bits are a tiny bit different... made by hand.. blar blar blar.. you get the drift.

So head over to the facebook page and leave a comment for your chance to win.. and rain hail or shine, PACO, the friendly Mexican official and I will be drawing the winner on the 1st of June! YAY!

In the mean time, if you are in need of some delightful new music, check out and the new one from The Middle East:

And the new album Build a Rocket Boys, from ELBOW... It's been on repeat here in the mountains and we are all equally in love with it: