Love A Bit of Treasure...

Treasuries... My new favourite thing. All that goodness in one neat little rubix box! Heaven.

One For The Ladies.....

Ok, I'm not sure if it's the misty mountain weather, or staying on the couch watching cheesy episodes of the Vampire Diaries (just forget that last bit) whatever the case, I'm feeling nostalgic and with my nostalgia comes feelings of mystery, magick and the power of special totems (I quite like foxes and sometimes dream of cuddling up to one in particular..).

Am I just waffling on? There really is a point to this... I'm wanting to introduce my new favourite goddess pendants.....

They make me feel happy in a way that I find hard to explain. I have been a little obsessed with these ladies as of late, constantly picking them up and staring at them... I may be under their spell... but what a gorgeous place to be.

WHo's the Lucky Winner???

This Month has been a combination of slow and busy.... Lots to do, but at a slow Summery Pace... perhaps a moment to take a breath before next Xmas arrives and I am old with grey hair.
My goal this year is to try and break the rules a little... Try to remember something about what Keanu was on about in the MATRIX... So I'm Busy testing all sorts of goodies in my NEW KILN:
Here she is... the little storm, and she's a winner, so perhaps I'll have a lucky year of experimentation. At the moment I'm melting lots of glass and playing around with moulds and glazes... Ohhh.. the fun! 

My Brother is visiting from overseas and tells me: "You're addicted to pottery." So this weeks song is a swanky version of Robert Palmers "Might as well face it you're addicted to love" to "Might as well face it you're addicted to clay".... And I'm ok with that. He's helping me do some experiments (He's a scientist) so I've been picking his brain and we've been lab partners all week.

And... For this Month's giveaway, head over to the facebook page and leave a comment on this Lucky goldfish for your chance to win!! Good Luck! :)