Misty Mountain Afternoon....

Hellooo.... It's time to get rid of that whinge attitude!!! Hooray!! Finally... after weeks of feeling the world was in some way pelting rocks at me (rocks in the form of printers not working, emails not working, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork for the paperwork...) those kinds of rocks... one after the other... Ouch! Ouch ! Ouch!!

We'll I'm over my sudden impact of meteor showers... and feeling pretty darn good about things!

Fab News for Mrs Peterson... as I'm working on an inspiring range of gorgeous little incense dishes and holders for an new Melbourne shop METTA SCENTS: http://mettascents.com/ 
I'm super inspired and excited!! I love a creative challenge!

And... in other news, the Art Gallery Of NSW will be stocking Mrs Peterson Pottery as soon as that kiln cools down and all the little pieces are ready to ship!! How exciting. Now that's some good kind of rocks.. that I like to be pelted with!! Anytime!

And speaking of stockists... the Eco Nook in TAS are nearly open... more details soon!!!

And last, but definitely not least..... does anyone know where I  can get a hold of the last few Vampire diaries episodes?? HOW SAD. Yes, it was the one way I could switch my brain off... and I need it!! Some of us look at women's day, New Idea, watch the 7pm project or a chick flick... I like my Vampire Diaries.... Dawson's Creek with Vampires. If you don't expect much, you won't be disappointed.

Happy misty mountain day!! It's hard not to crack the kiln open for a peek... I need a distraction.... any ideas???

The Winge...

Ok, I know, It's unprofessional. It's not a great use of blog space.... not at all uplifting, or happy go lucky..... Not even in the slightest grown up, or responsible....

But don't you just have days (weeks) or moments when you need a good winge!!!!!????? And not only a great venty-winge that lets off the steam about the person at the bank, or the overpriced takeaway sandwich that wasn't very good, or the bus that never came.... how about someone to say : "Oh, you poor thing! That's Awful!" Someone to make you cups of tea. Someone to your rescue you from the frustrations of life!

Well, at least my man made me a yummy lunch today when i wasn't feeling very good. That was nice.

I'm looking for the magick button that instantly calms me when the world becomes frustrating. Can we create cars that don't break down?? bodies that don't get sick?? Bank institutions that train their staff properly? Telephone companies that credit your account for every minute you spend fixing their mistakes??? Yes, I need a good winge. You hear me??? And then... after the winge... a great cup of tea, a doughnut, and some small time internet shopping (within the budget of course). Then a movie (for pure escapism purposes) and a long bath and good night's sleep.

Ahhh... all better.

So here's what i've been watching:

Here's what I bought:

And here's the man who bought me my tea (and if I'm real nice.. he might wrap his arms around me later and give me a cuddle and tell me the world will be ok):

Life ain't so bad.