Misty Mountain Afternoon....

Hellooo.... It's time to get rid of that whinge attitude!!! Hooray!! Finally... after weeks of feeling the world was in some way pelting rocks at me (rocks in the form of printers not working, emails not working, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork for the paperwork...) those kinds of rocks... one after the other... Ouch! Ouch ! Ouch!!

We'll I'm over my sudden impact of meteor showers... and feeling pretty darn good about things!

Fab News for Mrs Peterson... as I'm working on an inspiring range of gorgeous little incense dishes and holders for an new Melbourne shop METTA SCENTS: http://mettascents.com/ 
I'm super inspired and excited!! I love a creative challenge!

And... in other news, the Art Gallery Of NSW will be stocking Mrs Peterson Pottery as soon as that kiln cools down and all the little pieces are ready to ship!! How exciting. Now that's some good kind of rocks.. that I like to be pelted with!! Anytime!

And speaking of stockists... the Eco Nook in TAS are nearly open... more details soon!!!

And last, but definitely not least..... does anyone know where I  can get a hold of the last few Vampire diaries episodes?? HOW SAD. Yes, it was the one way I could switch my brain off... and I need it!! Some of us look at women's day, New Idea, watch the 7pm project or a chick flick... I like my Vampire Diaries.... Dawson's Creek with Vampires. If you don't expect much, you won't be disappointed.

Happy misty mountain day!! It's hard not to crack the kiln open for a peek... I need a distraction.... any ideas???


  1. What a gorgeous photo!

    Congratulations on all the good news! Very well deserved!


  2. Yay your back!!! I thought you had gone a bit quiet for awhile :o)
    Have you ever watched Offspring? ooooh sooo good, if you havent- n season 2 is about to start in May. Im so proud that Australia is finally producing some decent shows, and this one is just so quirky and funny, even Travis likes it! xx