Here comes the sun..... Or is that just wishful thinking?

Yes, I'm a miserable old lady, all I talk about is the weather. It's been raining up here for over a week and although I know that the weather shouldn't stop you from being happy... true happiness is on the inside yada yada yada... But holy wetness... the whole house is damp and when I look outside the window it's damp and the clay is damp, and it's all a little too soggy for my likeing... so yes... I am a grumpy old lady who talks about the weather!

Our living room is like a cave of washing... trying to dry in mist! even the heater is wet! condensation city, that's the new name of the house, And despite my efforts to spruce the house and light candles and crank new tunes of goodness....... the house is still wet, and outside is still wet and MY BRAIN is still wet!! So amoungst the hanging washing and socks hanging from every possible hook.... I thought it was time to take a break from the winge and do something good.... I've left the clay to sit and do it's thing while it's damp and not going anywhere fast, and NOW... it's giveaway time! The good giveaway.... a good amazing ray of sunshine in someone's world.... So here it is:

A gorgeous pair of RED cherry blossom earrings, and a slightly wonky (but ever so lovely) Red floral pendant! A winter warmer set for one lucky winner.... Just what the weather needs... a little more fire!

These are pictures of the same style, but the actual bits are a tiny bit different... made by hand.. blar blar blar.. you get the drift.

So head over to the facebook page and leave a comment for your chance to win.. and rain hail or shine, PACO, the friendly Mexican official and I will be drawing the winner on the 1st of June! YAY!

In the mean time, if you are in need of some delightful new music, check out and the new one from The Middle East:

And the new album Build a Rocket Boys, from ELBOW... It's been on repeat here in the mountains and we are all equally in love with it: