Find Me Keep Me

I love a buzzing Market place! And thanks to the Lovely girls at this Years Winer/Autumn Finder's Keepers in Sydney, Kanimbla Clay and Mrs Peterson rocked it, merging stalls and creating a gorgeous display in the true collaboration style!

My Nanna McLean was due to make an apperance along with my Dad and his partner but they ran out of time and I am actually quite glad the way things worked out.... were you there?? Did you see the mosh pit of people? Did you have to have a little sitdown and take some deep breaths just top get through the ultimate shopping experience?? Or did you head to the bar and watch the bands for a moment of rest? I actually thought if my Nan made it... it would be so hard for her to hear or see anything.. let alone move! it would be like taking her to a rock concert! So although I am disapointed to have missed her that weekend, I am glad for her sake she didn't have to fight her way trhough the crowds! Wowza.

Luckily, My Dad left me a few bottles of wine from their vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. My favourite: a light and dry Rose. When ever I drink my dad's wine It reminds me of being a kid... there is something about the smell of his blends that take me right back to running around with my brother (no, we didn't get drunk as kids!) I just remember that awesome smell of fine wine!! What better way to relax after a HUGE week, than to sit down with a glass of vino  (and a cuddle with my man and an episode of DEXTER... or 3)

Found you little foxie...

This is a game like Cinderella's magic slipper..... only it's the fox bangle game. I have ONE left! One Fox bangle and it's coming with me to Finder's Keepers on Friday and Saturday in Sydney! So to the lucky one who's hand fits inside this lovely winter warmer.... Congrats to you and your furry bangle friend. 

Hand painted goodness on perfect porcelain. And this is the only one for sale (till I get off my ass and make some more...).

Can't wait to check out the markets this winter. I love a winter's night event... do you think they will have mulled wine? How perfect would that be? Lots of new treats at this years Market, and if you're on the other side of Sydney, check out the VIEW exhibits at St Ignatius College this weekend. Mrs P will be trading there and lots of GORGEOUS art works (psss... I saw Brett Whitely and David Bromley there) So if you porcelain addiction is not satisfied this weekend there is no excuse!

See you there! :)

Here Little Foxie....

Wowza... the sun is out and shining like crazy... since the last week or so it's ON and I LOVE it! We even had snowflakes last night!!!! It's been freezing! Like the middle of winter, but I like it.... oh no,, here I am talking about the weather again. My life is really interesting is it not? But I love it here in the mountains when the days are sunny and the frost is frosty. Last night we had all the candles on at home and the fairy lights on in the kitchen. It was warm and toasty and I made a kick ass sticky date pudding with caramel butterscotch sauce  with strawberries and ice cream too..... HEAVEN.

My favourite thing to do when I finally put down my work day....usually late, is eat a yummy dinner and watch something to get my mind off EVERYTHING. My man and I can't get TV channels so we usually just watch movies, re-runs of SPACED, Northern Exposure... we just got into DEXTER... slow I know, but we are addicted.. and for a serial killer, they guy sure does have charm. But any hoo... the  most interesting thing we watched lately was GRIZZLY MAN, the film about Timothy Tredwell who spent 13 Summers in Alaska living in the wild with a bunch of bears. This guy was a little mad, as a fiend of ours put it "He is a combination of Carson from Queer Eye and Steeve Irwin." Yes. Put that guy out in the wild to pretend to be a bear and that's what you've got. Sadly, the poor dude gets eaten by a bear... as does his quiet girlfriend... but in my head A+B=C..... what do you expect?

There is one scene in the film that I LOVED where Timothy is running through the long grass with a gorgeous fox. My pure rage at how irritating this guy is just vanished, as I only wish I could hang out with a bunch of smelly wild foxes and make friends... as I am big into foxes. This is not the scene, but here's a snippet from the film:

Carson? is that you? Get a chance to watch the film and you won't be disappointed! I was inspired to finally get my ass into gear and make a fox ring and bangle from porcelain... I'll show you soon.  It's the closest I'm going to get to having a real cuddle with a fox... that and in my dreams.

Here's to evening movies in the warm candle lit cozy lounge while it's -0.4C outside! Yes indeed.