Find Me Keep Me

I love a buzzing Market place! And thanks to the Lovely girls at this Years Winer/Autumn Finder's Keepers in Sydney, Kanimbla Clay and Mrs Peterson rocked it, merging stalls and creating a gorgeous display in the true collaboration style!

My Nanna McLean was due to make an apperance along with my Dad and his partner but they ran out of time and I am actually quite glad the way things worked out.... were you there?? Did you see the mosh pit of people? Did you have to have a little sitdown and take some deep breaths just top get through the ultimate shopping experience?? Or did you head to the bar and watch the bands for a moment of rest? I actually thought if my Nan made it... it would be so hard for her to hear or see anything.. let alone move! it would be like taking her to a rock concert! So although I am disapointed to have missed her that weekend, I am glad for her sake she didn't have to fight her way trhough the crowds! Wowza.

Luckily, My Dad left me a few bottles of wine from their vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. My favourite: a light and dry Rose. When ever I drink my dad's wine It reminds me of being a kid... there is something about the smell of his blends that take me right back to running around with my brother (no, we didn't get drunk as kids!) I just remember that awesome smell of fine wine!! What better way to relax after a HUGE week, than to sit down with a glass of vino  (and a cuddle with my man and an episode of DEXTER... or 3)

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  1. What a gorgeous setup! So many beautiful pieces on display...I hope that you did well. Did someone snatch up that cute, cute, cute fox bangle??