Found you little foxie...

This is a game like Cinderella's magic slipper..... only it's the fox bangle game. I have ONE left! One Fox bangle and it's coming with me to Finder's Keepers on Friday and Saturday in Sydney! So to the lucky one who's hand fits inside this lovely winter warmer.... Congrats to you and your furry bangle friend. 

Hand painted goodness on perfect porcelain. And this is the only one for sale (till I get off my ass and make some more...).

Can't wait to check out the markets this winter. I love a winter's night event... do you think they will have mulled wine? How perfect would that be? Lots of new treats at this years Market, and if you're on the other side of Sydney, check out the VIEW exhibits at St Ignatius College this weekend. Mrs P will be trading there and lots of GORGEOUS art works (psss... I saw Brett Whitely and David Bromley there) So if you porcelain addiction is not satisfied this weekend there is no excuse!

See you there! :)

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    Terrific work, even better than I expected! I love how the little guy is chasing his tail! If you come home with this bangle after Finder's Keepers, I will be REALLY surprised! It will probably be a bittersweet goodbye for you, too! :)

    Have a fun time in Sydney!