Sweet Treats For My Sweet Heart...

Yes, we are here! Alive and well in beautiful Pennsylvania USA. And the big thing, besides getting all inspired for more clay work, having a great break and many cuddles with family and friends.... we are reunited with our beautiful Siberian Husky Vaidim

We are bringing him home to Australia in a few weeks, fingers crossed all goes well with paperwork and air travel. Finally Mr Peterson is united with his fave buddy... the wolf pack is back!!

This week we are off to New York... city lights and advenure.... bring it on.

Remember This...

Today I woke up feeling awesome. Was it because the sun was bright and the air was crisp (the perfect mountain day?). Or that the last kiln load of porcelain goodies turned out a treat?? Well, yeah, but on a deeper level, I remembered something wonderful. 

Like most people who feel it is important to be an honest, decent, loving person in this world, I spend a bit of time on self reflection... just to make sure I'm being true to myself, considerate to others... that I have my priorities in check.. the regular stuff. How can I better serve the people I care about? How can I be full of love from a deeper place with out relying so much on the external? And thus, the realisation today! hooray! Why do we sometimes care too much about the people who don't matter to us and what they think of us? Why do we worry about people who don't make us feel good about ourselves? Is it because we want everyone to see us for the best of who we are all the time? How exhausting! 

I just remembered that a little self reflection is healthy, but too much is a bad thing. Focusing on the people you love and who make you feel safe and wonderful is the best way to be happy. Who really cares if the lady at the bank thought you were taking too long in the line? Who cares if the truck behind you thinks you're driving too slow? Does that condescending office manager in the suit really need to see who you are? Or that girl you met at a party who likes to cut you down to size.. does she really need to be your friend?? How about NO. Remember that. There is something to be said for just being yourself always, and the surrender that comes with that. I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life from all over the world. Friends, family, customers and fleeting moments with strangers who just seem to get it.

let's focus on things and people that make us happy! Today I came across these gorgeous pics from Miranda Earle

I met Miranda and her wonderful family at the beginning of the year. She is from Newcastle and prints the most Wonderful fabric. Things are really moving along nicely for Miranda, and it makes me happy to see other designers/creators and beautiful people doing so well in the world. Nice one chickie!! XOXO