Sweet Treats For My Sweet Heart...

Yes, we are here! Alive and well in beautiful Pennsylvania USA. And the big thing, besides getting all inspired for more clay work, having a great break and many cuddles with family and friends.... we are reunited with our beautiful Siberian Husky Vaidim

We are bringing him home to Australia in a few weeks, fingers crossed all goes well with paperwork and air travel. Finally Mr Peterson is united with his fave buddy... the wolf pack is back!!

This week we are off to New York... city lights and advenure.... bring it on.


  1. What a lovely pup! I hope that the trip back goes well.

    Enjoy your stay in Pennsylvania. I have only been in that area once during the winter...it was COLD! Have tons of fun!

  2. love the pic of Tree Man and his best mate. Happy travels Vaidim