Walking down Broadway, soaking up the sunshine... and all I had in my head was the alphabet song. Was it because we saw Avenue Q and I was all Sesame Street like singing in my mind? or was it just because the alphabet is cool?? A-Z all the way baby.... It inspired me to make alphabet earrings... beautiful font like alphabet earrings in southern Ice Porcelain. Yummy. They're cooling down as we speak... then I'll glaze them and then I'll wear them... and put them up in the shop too.... Abcdefg....

Hidden Treasure

USA Travels.... 

Our dear friend Dick lent us his truck which we have been driving all over Pennsylvania.... Thanks Dick! But somewhere along the way as always when borrowing other people's things... we got a flat tyre. So as the Hot Hot Hot weather would have us hanging around waiting for a tyre fix, this auto shop was also an antique store.... Just FULL of goodies to look at. Bless you bless you, you gorgeous big Ford for sending us to a cool pit stop. 

Old Boxes and over sized Ice creams.... Now that's My kind of store. 
US Presidents and Big Wooden Indians... bring it on.

Bottles and antique typewriters... I feel so at home in this place.

This ancient cash register I wish it could fit in my suitcase...

And Finally, Old photographs, the real kind. I love it all.

NEw York New York!!

What is is about a crazy chaotic street with hustle and bustle.. people yelling and yellow cabs honking that makes the deepest parts of me feel complete peace?? 

I love this city. I love it with all my heart and I don't quite know why. Is is because I watched too much American TV as a kid... too many bad Christmas movies that crept into my brain so every time I'm in New York I feel like I'm in a movie. It's all a bit surreal, and exciting and I love it. I barely touched the surface of what I wanted to see and do, but we're on a tight trip... lots to do... people to see yada yada yada.

All I can Say is, Avenue Q is FUNNY and $4 margaritas are good. Life in the summertime in NY is something I could get use to. PS... The lovely Eco Sax bag from Vanessa at ZURI gets points for the most comments!! It's a winner. I've been carrying around travel bags with a microcosm of my life inside, I feel like a bag lady, but with this bag I'm the sassiest Bag lady in town XOXOXO


It's true. While I'm here, the whole entire time I'm here, I've given myself the authority to eat anything my heart desires... weather that be a full Mexican feast, cheeseburger with extra pickle, endless coffee refills or full diner style breakfasts like blueberry waffles with all the trimmings.... GO FOR IT!! 

And must I say, that these Americans really know how to eat. Wowza. Stopping at Wendy's for "Natural cut potato fries with sea salt" (whatever that means.... they taste good) while Mr Peterson Says "Oh No, Honey not again.... we were just there!" Yes we were... and I love it!! YUMMY

In the past few years since we were here, Market Street Grill has had much mention in our House, especially their cream cheese filled french toast with strawberries... so we had to do it. And in the even that I wake up in Australia one day and think it was all a dream.... I have the pictures to prove it. These All American meals are frozen forever in time. The magic of photo's. Yummy.