Hidden Treasure

USA Travels.... 

Our dear friend Dick lent us his truck which we have been driving all over Pennsylvania.... Thanks Dick! But somewhere along the way as always when borrowing other people's things... we got a flat tyre. So as the Hot Hot Hot weather would have us hanging around waiting for a tyre fix, this auto shop was also an antique store.... Just FULL of goodies to look at. Bless you bless you, you gorgeous big Ford for sending us to a cool pit stop. 

Old Boxes and over sized Ice creams.... Now that's My kind of store. 
US Presidents and Big Wooden Indians... bring it on.

Bottles and antique typewriters... I feel so at home in this place.

This ancient cash register I wish it could fit in my suitcase...

And Finally, Old photographs, the real kind. I love it all.


  1. Looks you guys found a little treasure trove! You never know what you will find tucked into places like that!

    I love going through old photographs and postcards, reading the backs to see what was going on. Notes from the days of pen and paper were so much more meaningful than today's electronic age!

  2. ahhh Im so in love. I want it all!!!!
    Actually at this very minute, I am currently drooling over my keyboard, whilst Im searching under "vintage" and "retro" on eBay... waaaaaa I might have to get a second job!!

  3. Thanks guys! There's such beauty in old things, like thay carry stories with them. If only things could talk... I'd love to know where these precious things have been before.

  4. What a great blog and an awesome shop to come across thru fate. Nice. Love your little bicycle brooch in The Curious Oyster Shoppe, too!