It's true. While I'm here, the whole entire time I'm here, I've given myself the authority to eat anything my heart desires... weather that be a full Mexican feast, cheeseburger with extra pickle, endless coffee refills or full diner style breakfasts like blueberry waffles with all the trimmings.... GO FOR IT!! 

And must I say, that these Americans really know how to eat. Wowza. Stopping at Wendy's for "Natural cut potato fries with sea salt" (whatever that means.... they taste good) while Mr Peterson Says "Oh No, Honey not again.... we were just there!" Yes we were... and I love it!! YUMMY

In the past few years since we were here, Market Street Grill has had much mention in our House, especially their cream cheese filled french toast with strawberries... so we had to do it. And in the even that I wake up in Australia one day and think it was all a dream.... I have the pictures to prove it. These All American meals are frozen forever in time. The magic of photo's. Yummy.


  1. Yummy! Talk about mouth watering!

  2. I know right? If only I could eat like the holidays every day!! YUM!

  3. Holiday calories don't count. It is a fact. :)

    So...eat away!

  4. but how about all that maple syrup :)