A little Howl for you...

Among other things, I've had my hands full in these past few weeks and not a second to spare... is that the lamest way of saying "sorry for not touching base sooner!"

Either way, Here's the update: all things are good, golden, flat out and busy. New stock for Xmas is already in production and my little hands and heart have been busy making and taking regular trips to the Australian Quarantine Station to give our 4 legged friend lots of pats and treats.... yes, the wolf pack are almost united!  

The Worst part about these visits is walking away, he howls! And though it is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard, it's also sad. Bring on his release date... September 4th.

I want to spring clean everything early this year. Shushe the house, light the candles, say a little chant. Out with the old and in with the new... in all things, pottery, life, emotions and thoughts. I've been reading my friend's book about Feng shui. He's a master of interior design and the most incredibly intuitive designer of the home. Though I haven't seen him in years, he is a gifted practitioner and his book is doing amazing things... Thanks Jamie!!

So keep your eyes out for A Mrs Peterson Pottery SALE very soon... Spring cleaning the office usually means you get to grab a bargain!!