My Life in Instagram....

I'm not one for fads. Not usually inspired to jump on the bandwagon, just because everyone else is doing it. But to this I make an exception.... My life in Istagram. It's like Facebook, but just a huge photo melting pot. For the first time, I'm seeing the WHOLE WORLD the way I want to see it, People uploading awesome little pics from their daily lives, and it's just BEAUTIFUL. 

Here are some I've been taking in my backyard, or around the house. It's just a start, but I'm going to fill a book of photos by the end of the year to remind me how beautiful everything is. 

 New cups... I can't wait till they're ready to drink from!

 Paco, the Mexican official

 Our beloved husky, chilling in the grass

 There was popcorn in this a few mins before I took the photo.

 Margharita salt that my Mother in Law (and good friend) sent me from the USA. She knows.

 This tree is just outside our lounge room window.

 The prettiest concrete I have ever seen!

 My man and his dog are at the end of the path... it's our daily walk to the cliffs!

The hair that I encourage him to cut, looks so pretty here. I do love it.

From feeling at times like I am not seeing the beauty in the little things, to admiring the beauty in everything... I LOVE it! I can pop in and see what someone in Japan ate for breakfast... or the sky in NYC... a puddle, a flower a kitten.. someone's tap in a purple bathroom... Whatever it is. I love it. If you are on Instagram, send me your profile! I'd love to check out what makes up your life. If you want to follow my instagram, I'm @mrspetersonpottery Welcome to the world of photo madness.