Find Me Keep Me SALE


All things are gearing up for the big Finder's Keeper's market sale in Sydney Friday 2 and Sat 3 December!

Come and say Hi. I'll be joined by the talented Helen from Kanimbla Clay with her delicious porcelain tea lights and goodies.

Yes, there is a bar, yes there is a band, yes there is food, yes... it gets CROWDED! So come early and grab a bargain!

See you there 


A Ball Of Yarn

Busy in prep for the markets, I've been deeply involved in what I've been doing. And what perfect weather too, all the blue skies and fluffy white clouds have gone and the entire week has been one big drizzle fest. Staying inside is the way to go. A daily trip to the post office and perhaps a quick drop by the bakery and then it's back to my warm cosy house and my creative zone. 

Yesterday I ran out of string. You know, that brown twine jute stuff that use to lye around in your cupboard and yet you don't seem to ever remember buying it. I'm sure every grandparent has an abandoned ball of yarn just waiting to be used. I use it to tie my brown paper packages, boxes and card sets. And seeing as it was the perfect rainy day... well, I went to tow with the string tying and ran out! No biggie, I'll do my post office run early and grab some while I'm there. 

But alas, while standing in line and after searching the whole store twice over I'm thinking of a plan B. Surely the supermarket has twine! 

So off we go... isle after isle I search the store, heading to the most obvious sections first GARDEN, HOME, STATIONARY.... no string. Don't you hate it when you're in a supermarket looking for something and they like to spread out all the sections???? I swear they should put everything in alphabetical order. Easy.

I went to 3 other shops to do the same thing... the Art Store, The Garden Centre, The ONLY department store in town (if the letter K is in the department category). Each shop I left empty handed, the more pissed off I became. I'm not asking for a miracle here. Not wanting the impossible to happen, not in search of a golden grail, or mystical talisman... just a f*#!@ing ball of string! In my mind it's the most simple thing one can ask for. 

As I walked through the rain I thought about all the time I was wasting, investment VS return... this is taking way too long. I thought about how cold I was, how wet my clothes were and how if I were in a better place this string would not be so hard to find. I blamed the town for being slack with their string supply. Who's responsible for making sure our town has an adequate supply of twine??!!

I thought about how much of an ass this trip up to the shops had been. How 'today was just not my day' and how things that seem simple and strait forward suddenly become hard and take a million times longer than they should. I thought about how if it were a perfect world, we would snap our fingers and string would appear in the palms of our hands. I thought about how UNLUCKY I was today and then sat with the word unlucky circling my mind for a few minutes. How can someone like me EVER say they are unlucky? ever? A "difficult" trip up to the shops??... Difficult is navigating your way through a jungle with limited supplies. Unlucky is a state of mind. 

I thought about how lucky I was, and how grateful that I am to have EVERYTHING that I need and more. I have found the love of my life, we love our house (even if it's only rented), we have a BEAUTIFUL husky friend as our loyal companion. I have a home full of food, a car that runs, a cupboard full of wine, a house full of porcelain tea-lights and a boot collection out the wazoooo and I dare to think I'm unlucky!!

I finally found that string... I bought as much as I could carry. I came home still annoyed at how epic that journey was. But came home with a fresh perspective. We've got it good. And a ball of twine can't change that.

Blue Skies, Fluffy White Clouds

We have cloud success. 

Everyday up here in the mountains, the clouds have been AMAZING. So while I was making a batch of crackle glazed antique goddess pendants, these clouds just decided to jump in the kiln. And I'm happy they did... now we have clouds to keep!

Cloud 9

I love Sky. There, I said it. Now I feel like that guy who loves Lamp. But it's so true. I love sky, I really really love it. Lately I've been taking pictures of clouds like a crazy woman on the street. People looking at me as if to say "what are you even taking pictures of?" And to them I say: "this is what I've been taking pictures of:"

Up here in the Mountains, the clouds are so close you can almost reach out and touch them. I want to play in them, cuddle them, sleep in them... take a nap in one and just feel weightless. I love sky. I love cloud.

 And so, after my daily trip up to the post office was full of cloud photography, I came home to my studio and threw reckless abandonment to my work schedule to make cloud pendants.....

 These antique frames have been in my studio just waiting for something frame worthy. I can't wait to see what they'll turn out like!!!

So wherever you are, take a look up and see what mother nature has cooking for you in the sky. Catch them quick, they're there one minuite, gone the next. XOXO