Buckets Of Slop

The true meaning of getting your hands dirty, this weekend I spent both days cleaning out my pug mill and reconstituting old clay into beautiful new clay. 

If you're a potter you will know too well the feeling of avoiding those buckets of old scraps of clay. I keep telling myself I'll get to it one day... but it's only when I run out of clay that I am actually forced to do it. It's like having boxes of papers and receipts that you know you have to go through, but it's just so overwhelming!

Well... Christmas trade has already begun, and if I'm going to approach the silly season with a healthy attitude towards work, then I need to pull my finger our and get to work!!
And thus, the pugging begins...

This industrial machine is HEAVY, and it took Mr Peterson and his muscles and a crow bar to help me pull it apart. I hadn't used it in over 6 months, and so getting out all the dried bits of clay and washing the grates is essential. Did I mention how much I LOVE this machine? I'm in absolute awe of it's strength. It can do in a day what would take me a week to accomplish. Every time I use it, I always tend to make a remark about how it would crush a human hand in seconds... not because I think it will happen.. but just that it has the power to do so... it's a strong thing this pug mill. Respect.

So after a day and a half of making new clay, I have at least enough porcelain for a few good weeks of making. I still have more to process, so no doubt before Xmas, there will be another day of hard puggin', perhaps with margaritas... or is that a really bad ideas OH+S?

Be Brave, Live From The Heart..

It's something I struggle with everyday, the choice between doing what my heart says, and what my head tells me.

I think it's so common that we all do it subconsciously without even realising it. Yeah sure, the big choices always come from the heart, Who I fall in love with, what I do for a living etc.. but there are everyday choices that perhaps could be coming from a deeper place.

In order to do this I need to let go of the expectations of other people (weather they are there or just in my mind), and focus on what I know is best for my heart and soul. These past few years I have been making better decisions about how I spend my time (what time!? I say!!), but as the new year feels like it's quickly approaching, I am craving more and more space to myself and more and more time to reflect, have some peace and quiet and find better ways to relax into my life rather than fill it with more 'stuff to do'.

How indulgent it feels to even think about having more 'me' time. Time to be still, be silent and write in my journal again. Time to meditate, create and have picnic lunches in the grass with my dogs. 

I sometimes crave a hermit lifestyle. One where I live hidden in the woods with my Man where we lye around in hammocks all day eating peaches.... what bliss! 

We are so good at placing expectations on ourselves, I wonder why we feel the need to justify to one another how we spend our time? Is it enough that we exist, that we have families, work commitments, and a responsibility to take care of our health? We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be better, meet social expectations, always look fabulous and be a success... I'm thinking in this next coming year I want to empty my calendar, and fill my days with simple things like clay, cloud watching, reading books with cups of tea, writing, drawing, baking and spending more quality time in nature. 

I've been thinking this all week, and I wonder why I'm so obsessed with making hearts at the moment...  sometimes it takes a while for me to realise what I'm making, and what it's telling me. Or sometimes I just need to find enough silence so I can hear it speak.

Happy Birthday to Me...

Ok, so it may have been a few weeks since my Birthday but I'm still feeling all Birthday-ie. Are you one of the many people who have come to realise that the pressure surrounding a Birthday can be a big let down? You know, "It's you BIRTHDAY!! So start feeling Happy!!" Sometimes on my Birthday I think I should feel super happy and excited, and because I feel like I should, sometimes the opposite happens... and I just want to stay in pyjamas all day and make no effort what so ever. 

Well, that's what I did this Birthday... I gave myself the day to do NOTHING... not even a dinner plan or a movie in mind. I decided to stay in, do bugger all and not even pretend to feel special (how sad). But the funny thing is, it turned out to be one of the best Birthday's in history. 

Perhaps when you start with low expectations it can only ever go up from there. Not only did I get woken up with A chorus of Happy Birthday from the wolf pack (boy can those dogs howl), but fresh strawberry tart with candles.. and yes I made a wish Shhhhh! Spent the day watching trash like True Blood and Teen Wolf (so bad it's good), then the Amazon man arrived with a pair of Fly London shoes I ordered the week before. 

By the time Mr Peterson came home I was pretty much up for doing nothing which was perfect because when someone you love runs you a bubble bath in the outside bath house, pours you champagne and feeds you grapes... you pretty much are doing nothing. Maybe chewing and sipping champagne is the hardest part of that task. What a hard life!

But the work bench... the work bench he made me is any maker's delight... the right hight (no more naughty stooping!) and sturdy too.. but the best thing is it's made with love. It has a bright red love heart in the middle and reminds me every day of the most important thing in the whole world.

Starting the day with a focus like this is such a gift. 

I'm not big on Birthday's, in fact I'm shocking when it comes to remembering them (my own included) but sometimes presents can blow you away when you least expect it. This one goes down in history. I'll be a 90 year old woman one day and still remember how I felt when that work bench came into my life.

Black Milk Leggings Giveaway!!!

Whoever says a pair of leggings can't change your life has obviously never had a taste of Black Milk Clothing before.

This awesome company are based in Brisbane and all their stuff is made in Australia... Yep, they sew it all in their workshop and send it to those of us in desperate need of something new and awesome. Now, I'm not really one for fashion fads (op shops and the odd sale bargain are more my style.... a little Nancy Bird here and there) however.... every now and then along comes a flash of brilliance that no matter what... I just have to have. These guys just know what women want :)

Confession time... I already have 3 pairs of these bad boys, blue galaxy, red galaxy and wallpaper leggings. And yes, they've changed my life. I love them, I adore them, I've never seen anything quite like them which is perhaps why they are selling so fast they often sell out! 

So in the mission of changing the world one pair of legs at a time, Mrs Peterson Pottery is giving away a pair of Black Milk Leggings valued at $75! Yepo! Lucky prize draw is open to everyone, just head to the Mrs P Facebook page, and leave a comment under the comp to tell me what style you'd get. The hardest part is picking you fave. Be sure to check out Black Milk Clothing and have a good browse. Winner will be drawn on 1st June 2012 via video post. Want to increase your chances?  All Mrs Peterson Pottery customers through May get their name entered not one, but 6 times! Feeling Lucky?

Too Cute...

I am falling deeper and deeper in love with our Siberian Husky Vaidim. Every time I think I love him, I go through a phase of loving him even more....

He's just the most loving and well natured being. And so Handsome!! I just have to share these!!

Can you see that little nose and paw sticking out of the doorway? Awwwww... too cute!

For The Love Of Clay...

Like most ceramic artists, I am so in love with the creative process iIcould talk about it for hours... like a mad woman! it's an obsession. So at this Years March Canberra Handmade Market I was so happy to meet fellow ceramic artists Kim Aitken and Tania Tuominen and LOVED their work so much I spent some cash and splurged on my favourite pieces. 

This delicious green bowl and blue vase were made by Kim. I barley got a chance to browse her stall as by the end of the market she had sold almost everything! I snapped these beauties up, but now wish I had bought more... perhaps the next Canberra Handmade I'll be more prepared and get there at the beginning of the market. 

Kim's work has a beautiful look and feel. Simple and unusual designs that just seem to work. I could see a whole kitchen full... as if I have the space!!

This tall, elegant lace light is made by Tania Tuominen. Tania's work is A-MA-ZING!! 
Beautifully made using clean, white southern ice porcelain (soooo delicate and tricky to use). But the best thing about her work is the history behind her pieces. Most of the crochet doilies and lace she uses in her work have been made by her Finnish Grandmothers and are named after these influential women from her family tree.

This light is HUGE! Well, almost as tall as a ruler and fits a decent size candle that gives off the most ambient light. There's something about southern ice porcelain that just seems to GLOW with candle light. It's warm, soft and slightly translucent. I made a lace light ages ago that measured about 4cm high and fits a tealight... i thought that was awesome, but now, next to this, the mother of all lights... I may have to rethink it's awesomeness :)

You can find Tania and Kim's work at the SHOP HANDMADE in Canberra along with lots of other one off handmade goodies.

Cleanliness Is Godliness

It's true. 
I feel enlightened. 
Or at the very least mentally at peace with the world. All is in it's rightful place, though it took much procrastinating and trips to the computer to 'check my emails'. At one stage I called My Dad (cos I haven't spoken to him a while....) all true signs of avoiding the task at hand. But I did it!! In a Day... And threw out old junk, broken bits and bobs... retired some old boxes to the recycling bin and hey presto.... I'm a new woman.

I finally stacked all my wooden bats in ONE place! These were given to me by my Nanna. One of the few pottery supplies that she has passed on to me. She gave up her 20 years of pottery before I started to take it up seriously so I missed out on things like Kilns and other goodies. It may be simple, but I cherish these bats!!

AND... I took down that old calendar and replaced it with a rather lovely poster from one of my FRANKIE magazines. Much better. I like this poster here, it's like she's guarding the bags of porcelain. The photos are dark as there is little natural lighting in the potting shed, but i love it in there. it's like a little garden shed full of creative goodness! And Now it's ready for another year of heart filled ceramic greatness... who knows what will be made with these two hands??

Small steps, but still... they feel great.

New Year, New Clean Out

I've been putting this off for weeks now... the studio clean out. The last month of madness has left me rather slow on the studio tidy factor!!

Holy cow, I am a champion at procrastinating. Right now, as I endeavour to finally do it, and clean out my studio... here I am, writing about it on my blog, which is, as you all know... NOT ACTUALLY CLEANING OUT THE STUDIO... just writing about it instead. And here's the worst part...  On the wall is a calendar page from December. Not that bad you say? We're only in the first week of January... but no, this is a calendar from December 2010. oooohh!! The shame! What naughty Feng Shui this is! 

I long for clean benches and clear spaces.

So it's time... yes... later today, this mess will be neat and sorted, highly categorised bliss.  Now get off the computer and do it Mrs Peterson!! Like Now.