Cleanliness Is Godliness

It's true. 
I feel enlightened. 
Or at the very least mentally at peace with the world. All is in it's rightful place, though it took much procrastinating and trips to the computer to 'check my emails'. At one stage I called My Dad (cos I haven't spoken to him a while....) all true signs of avoiding the task at hand. But I did it!! In a Day... And threw out old junk, broken bits and bobs... retired some old boxes to the recycling bin and hey presto.... I'm a new woman.

I finally stacked all my wooden bats in ONE place! These were given to me by my Nanna. One of the few pottery supplies that she has passed on to me. She gave up her 20 years of pottery before I started to take it up seriously so I missed out on things like Kilns and other goodies. It may be simple, but I cherish these bats!!

AND... I took down that old calendar and replaced it with a rather lovely poster from one of my FRANKIE magazines. Much better. I like this poster here, it's like she's guarding the bags of porcelain. The photos are dark as there is little natural lighting in the potting shed, but i love it in there. it's like a little garden shed full of creative goodness! And Now it's ready for another year of heart filled ceramic greatness... who knows what will be made with these two hands??

Small steps, but still... they feel great.

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