New Year, New Clean Out

I've been putting this off for weeks now... the studio clean out. The last month of madness has left me rather slow on the studio tidy factor!!

Holy cow, I am a champion at procrastinating. Right now, as I endeavour to finally do it, and clean out my studio... here I am, writing about it on my blog, which is, as you all know... NOT ACTUALLY CLEANING OUT THE STUDIO... just writing about it instead. And here's the worst part...  On the wall is a calendar page from December. Not that bad you say? We're only in the first week of January... but no, this is a calendar from December 2010. oooohh!! The shame! What naughty Feng Shui this is! 

I long for clean benches and clear spaces.

So it's time... yes... later today, this mess will be neat and sorted, highly categorised bliss.  Now get off the computer and do it Mrs Peterson!! Like Now.

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