For The Love Of Clay...

Like most ceramic artists, I am so in love with the creative process iIcould talk about it for hours... like a mad woman! it's an obsession. So at this Years March Canberra Handmade Market I was so happy to meet fellow ceramic artists Kim Aitken and Tania Tuominen and LOVED their work so much I spent some cash and splurged on my favourite pieces. 

This delicious green bowl and blue vase were made by Kim. I barley got a chance to browse her stall as by the end of the market she had sold almost everything! I snapped these beauties up, but now wish I had bought more... perhaps the next Canberra Handmade I'll be more prepared and get there at the beginning of the market. 

Kim's work has a beautiful look and feel. Simple and unusual designs that just seem to work. I could see a whole kitchen full... as if I have the space!!

This tall, elegant lace light is made by Tania Tuominen. Tania's work is A-MA-ZING!! 
Beautifully made using clean, white southern ice porcelain (soooo delicate and tricky to use). But the best thing about her work is the history behind her pieces. Most of the crochet doilies and lace she uses in her work have been made by her Finnish Grandmothers and are named after these influential women from her family tree.

This light is HUGE! Well, almost as tall as a ruler and fits a decent size candle that gives off the most ambient light. There's something about southern ice porcelain that just seems to GLOW with candle light. It's warm, soft and slightly translucent. I made a lace light ages ago that measured about 4cm high and fits a tealight... i thought that was awesome, but now, next to this, the mother of all lights... I may have to rethink it's awesomeness :)

You can find Tania and Kim's work at the SHOP HANDMADE in Canberra along with lots of other one off handmade goodies.

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