Black Milk Leggings Giveaway!!!

Whoever says a pair of leggings can't change your life has obviously never had a taste of Black Milk Clothing before.

This awesome company are based in Brisbane and all their stuff is made in Australia... Yep, they sew it all in their workshop and send it to those of us in desperate need of something new and awesome. Now, I'm not really one for fashion fads (op shops and the odd sale bargain are more my style.... a little Nancy Bird here and there) however.... every now and then along comes a flash of brilliance that no matter what... I just have to have. These guys just know what women want :)

Confession time... I already have 3 pairs of these bad boys, blue galaxy, red galaxy and wallpaper leggings. And yes, they've changed my life. I love them, I adore them, I've never seen anything quite like them which is perhaps why they are selling so fast they often sell out! 

So in the mission of changing the world one pair of legs at a time, Mrs Peterson Pottery is giving away a pair of Black Milk Leggings valued at $75! Yepo! Lucky prize draw is open to everyone, just head to the Mrs P Facebook page, and leave a comment under the comp to tell me what style you'd get. The hardest part is picking you fave. Be sure to check out Black Milk Clothing and have a good browse. Winner will be drawn on 1st June 2012 via video post. Want to increase your chances?  All Mrs Peterson Pottery customers through May get their name entered not one, but 6 times! Feeling Lucky?

Too Cute...

I am falling deeper and deeper in love with our Siberian Husky Vaidim. Every time I think I love him, I go through a phase of loving him even more....

He's just the most loving and well natured being. And so Handsome!! I just have to share these!!

Can you see that little nose and paw sticking out of the doorway? Awwwww... too cute!