Happy Birthday to Me...

Ok, so it may have been a few weeks since my Birthday but I'm still feeling all Birthday-ie. Are you one of the many people who have come to realise that the pressure surrounding a Birthday can be a big let down? You know, "It's you BIRTHDAY!! So start feeling Happy!!" Sometimes on my Birthday I think I should feel super happy and excited, and because I feel like I should, sometimes the opposite happens... and I just want to stay in pyjamas all day and make no effort what so ever. 

Well, that's what I did this Birthday... I gave myself the day to do NOTHING... not even a dinner plan or a movie in mind. I decided to stay in, do bugger all and not even pretend to feel special (how sad). But the funny thing is, it turned out to be one of the best Birthday's in history. 

Perhaps when you start with low expectations it can only ever go up from there. Not only did I get woken up with A chorus of Happy Birthday from the wolf pack (boy can those dogs howl), but fresh strawberry tart with candles.. and yes I made a wish Shhhhh! Spent the day watching trash like True Blood and Teen Wolf (so bad it's good), then the Amazon man arrived with a pair of Fly London shoes I ordered the week before. 

By the time Mr Peterson came home I was pretty much up for doing nothing which was perfect because when someone you love runs you a bubble bath in the outside bath house, pours you champagne and feeds you grapes... you pretty much are doing nothing. Maybe chewing and sipping champagne is the hardest part of that task. What a hard life!

But the work bench... the work bench he made me is any maker's delight... the right hight (no more naughty stooping!) and sturdy too.. but the best thing is it's made with love. It has a bright red love heart in the middle and reminds me every day of the most important thing in the whole world.

Starting the day with a focus like this is such a gift. 

I'm not big on Birthday's, in fact I'm shocking when it comes to remembering them (my own included) but sometimes presents can blow you away when you least expect it. This one goes down in history. I'll be a 90 year old woman one day and still remember how I felt when that work bench came into my life.