Buckets Of Slop

The true meaning of getting your hands dirty, this weekend I spent both days cleaning out my pug mill and reconstituting old clay into beautiful new clay. 

If you're a potter you will know too well the feeling of avoiding those buckets of old scraps of clay. I keep telling myself I'll get to it one day... but it's only when I run out of clay that I am actually forced to do it. It's like having boxes of papers and receipts that you know you have to go through, but it's just so overwhelming!

Well... Christmas trade has already begun, and if I'm going to approach the silly season with a healthy attitude towards work, then I need to pull my finger our and get to work!!
And thus, the pugging begins...

This industrial machine is HEAVY, and it took Mr Peterson and his muscles and a crow bar to help me pull it apart. I hadn't used it in over 6 months, and so getting out all the dried bits of clay and washing the grates is essential. Did I mention how much I LOVE this machine? I'm in absolute awe of it's strength. It can do in a day what would take me a week to accomplish. Every time I use it, I always tend to make a remark about how it would crush a human hand in seconds... not because I think it will happen.. but just that it has the power to do so... it's a strong thing this pug mill. Respect.

So after a day and a half of making new clay, I have at least enough porcelain for a few good weeks of making. I still have more to process, so no doubt before Xmas, there will be another day of hard puggin', perhaps with margaritas... or is that a really bad ideas OH+S?

Be Brave, Live From The Heart..

It's something I struggle with everyday, the choice between doing what my heart says, and what my head tells me.

I think it's so common that we all do it subconsciously without even realising it. Yeah sure, the big choices always come from the heart, Who I fall in love with, what I do for a living etc.. but there are everyday choices that perhaps could be coming from a deeper place.

In order to do this I need to let go of the expectations of other people (weather they are there or just in my mind), and focus on what I know is best for my heart and soul. These past few years I have been making better decisions about how I spend my time (what time!? I say!!), but as the new year feels like it's quickly approaching, I am craving more and more space to myself and more and more time to reflect, have some peace and quiet and find better ways to relax into my life rather than fill it with more 'stuff to do'.

How indulgent it feels to even think about having more 'me' time. Time to be still, be silent and write in my journal again. Time to meditate, create and have picnic lunches in the grass with my dogs. 

I sometimes crave a hermit lifestyle. One where I live hidden in the woods with my Man where we lye around in hammocks all day eating peaches.... what bliss! 

We are so good at placing expectations on ourselves, I wonder why we feel the need to justify to one another how we spend our time? Is it enough that we exist, that we have families, work commitments, and a responsibility to take care of our health? We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be better, meet social expectations, always look fabulous and be a success... I'm thinking in this next coming year I want to empty my calendar, and fill my days with simple things like clay, cloud watching, reading books with cups of tea, writing, drawing, baking and spending more quality time in nature. 

I've been thinking this all week, and I wonder why I'm so obsessed with making hearts at the moment...  sometimes it takes a while for me to realise what I'm making, and what it's telling me. Or sometimes I just need to find enough silence so I can hear it speak.