Say Hello To the New Studio...

Welcome to the new Mrs Peterson Pottery Studio! What was once the old musty laundry shed, is now the enchanting Mrs P creative space. We bought a tiny Blue Mountain cottage in December last year and for the last 9 months the hands that were once in clay have been rolling paint, sprinkling grass seeds and hammering in the odd nail here and there for a very different kind of making.

It has taken 9 months of not having a space to work from, but I have just moved into what is the most magical pottery studio I have ever known. Old stained glass windows (yet to be finished and restored), recycled brick paving, loads of natural light and a tiny nook for my kiln, this space is truly a divine place to create. 

I am a gypsy by heart, always moving, always traveling, a little bit superstitious. This is the longest time I've lived in one place since I was a ten year old girl. It's fitting that in the 6th year of business, Mrs Peterson Pottery finally has somewhere to organise and fit all of the materials that go into producing work on a full time basis. After a huge de-clutter and a konmari attitude towards my living spaces, this marks a fresh start and a new way of working. It's time for new work, new opportunities and fresh creativity to fill the space.

It's been a challenging year for me, laying low due to health issues, realising the capabilities of a one woman show, reassessing my business and creative direction, I've been able to do something that not many small business entrepreneurs allow themselves the time to do: take some time off and re-design the wheel. And what a sparkly new shiny wheel it is! 

The focus this year is a fine balance of lifestyle and hard work, creativity and productivity, creative collaborations, new projects, streamlining wholesale and... dare I say it, making work for myself, making things that make me happy, that bring me joy. I have so, so much to learn and experiment with in the land of clay. I am not afraid to keep it weird and make time to play. And what better backdrop to do it in. Fairy lights on, tea hot to sip, the oak tree swaying outside the studio window and my hands in clay.